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Cravings 1-16-15


Chef’s Charcuterie (all cured in-house) culatello, coppa, tesa, salame tartufo, saucisson sec, CraVing’s mustard 16

Orecchiette housemade orecchiette pasta, Arden Farms carrot confit, peas, butter, parmigiano-reggiano 12

Oysters (raw on the half shell) Bras D’or, Cape Breton Nova Scotia 13

Plato Dale Short Ribs Korean cut Plato Dale Farms beef short rib, semolina porridge 13

Garganelle housemade garganelle pasta, bone marrow cream, arugula,  14 month house cured T-Meadow Farms country ham, CraVing’s beet vinegar 14

Scallops potato hash, Plato Dale Farms pickled tomatillos, Bucolo Farms cherry peppers, pork vinaigrette 15

Beet Salad Plato Dale Farms beets, celeriac aioli, pickled red cabbage, baby arugula 13

Roasted Carrots Arden Farms carmelized carrots, CraVings riccotone, toasted pecans, garlic oil 12

Winter Squash Soup Plato Dale Farms mixed winter squash, toasted seeds, CraVings fromage blanc 5



Carbonara housemade fettuccine pasta, house cured guanciale, hen egg, parmigiano-reggiano 23

Chicken Confit crispy wings, confit leg, braised thigh, gruyere popover, roasted carrots 26

Cavatelli housemade whole wheat & ricotta cavatelli pasta, spinach pesto, caraway, CraVing’s ricotta 22

Potato Gnocchi housemade gnocchi, mustard greens, CraVing’s lobster butter 21

Pappardelle housemade pappardelle pasta, asparagus, roasted tomatoes, cream, house cured egg yolks, parmigiano-reggiano 23

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