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Cravings 10-17-14

Chef’s Daily CRaVings


T-Meadow Farm pork liver, leaf lard biscuits, Plato Dale Farms radishes 12

Pork Belly
T-Meadow Farm pork belly, pickled ginger, Plato Dale Farms radishes, pickled watermelon rind, housemade kimchi, pickled red onions, Plato Dale Farms tomatillos 14

Squash Custard
Plato Dale Farms hubbard squash, acorn squash, and red oak,
roasted squash seeds, squash vinaigrette 9

Pork Terrine
T-Meadow Farms pork terrine, house saurkraut, Plato Dale Farms house cornichons,
house mustard, Arden Farms purple potatoes 10

Roasted Beets
Arden Farms red beets, Plato Dale Farms golden beets & celeriac, beet green pesto 14

Poached Pear
Blackman Farm seckel pears, black pepper crumble, Plato Dale Farms frisee,
blue cheese sorbet 11

roasted Plato Dale Farms pumpkin, house granola, parmigiano-reggiano,
cinnamon crème fraîche 13


housemade pappardelle pasta, roasted tomato, spinach, rosemary,
parmigiano-reggiano, cream sauce 19

Sweet Potato Gnocchi
housemade gnocchi, Bucolo Farms brussel sprouts, house cured guanciale,
Plato Dale Farms sage 20

Pork Osso Bucco
T-Meadow Farm pork shank, potato gnocchi 28

Bucolo Farms cabbage & parisian potatoes, Arden Farms late harvest tomatoes 28

housemade agnolotti, Plato Dale Farms butternut squash, Arden Farms mustard greens 24

housemade fettuccine pasta, Plato Dale Farms honey cup squash,
Arden Farms beet greens, house ricotta 21

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