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Cravings 11-1-14

Chef’s Daily CRaVings


T-Meadow pork liver, house focaccia, Plato Dale radishes 12
wild caught scallops, creamy semolina “porridge”, house cured fiocco 14

Schwab’s peas, house cured taso ham 9

Lamb Tenderloin
Stillwater lamb, roasted Bucolo cauliflower puree,
buttered Plato Dale romanesco 14

goat cheese, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, arugula salad 13

Plato Dale Pickled Salad
radishes, tomatillos, kohlrabi, romanesco, pickled beets, house croutons 13

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia or Cape Standish, Duxbury Massachusetts (1/2 dozen) 13

Merguez Sausage
housemade lamb merguez sausage, hummus, house pita, roasted Niagara Mushroom portabellas 14

Beet Salad
roasted Plato Dale red and golden beets,
warm last harvest Delaware Mansion rainbow tomatoes, baby arugula 14


Neck Ragu
Stillwater braised lamb neck, Niagara Mushrooms button mushrooms,
housemade ricotta cavatelli pasta 26

Lamb Shank
Stillwater lamb shank, Plato Dale celeriac puree & roasted broccoli rabe 29

Double Bone Rib Chop
Stillwater lamb, Plato Dale russian kale, Bucolo Farms butternut dumpling 30

Leg of Lamb
Stillwater lamb, charred Plato Dale purple scallions, roasted Bucolo baby potatoes 29

Lamb 2-Ways
Stillwater lamb chop, Flat #12 oyster mushroom and lamb crepinette,
Plato Dale rutabaga puree, Schwab’s roasted brussel sprouts 28

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