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Cravings 11-14-14


Fried Oysters

red lentil puree, house cured T-Meadow Farms pancetta, Arden Farms russian kale, pork reduction 10

Smoked Chicken Legs

house smoked chicken legs, Bucolo Farms potato aioli, Arden Farms stem relish 14

Oysters 13

Katama Bay, Martha’s Vineyard

Shiny Sea, PEI



Coq Au Vin

malbec braised chicken legs & thighs, celery seed spaetzle, Arden Farms mustard greens 26


housemade cavatelli pasta, Arden Farms carrot confit, carrot top pesto 19

Chicken Confit

roasted Flat #12 oyster mushrooms, wild mushroom & risotto croquettes, Schwab Farms late harvest peas, belgian endive salad 26

Leg of Lamb

Stillwater Farms lamb, Arden Farms rainbow chard, Bucolo Farms baby potatoes, red onion marmalade 28

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