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Cravings 11-22-14

Chef’s Daily CRaVings




Liver & Onions

T-Meadow Farm pork liver pate stuffed agnolotti, red onion marmalade 12

Bamboo Rice

bay scallops, house cured lap cheong, pickled mussels, 

preserved Flat #12 oyster mushrooms, preserved oranges 14


olive tapanade, tomatoes, shredded mozzarella 13

Pork Tenderloin

roasted Plato Dale Farms winter squash, apple & rosemary chutney, cider glaze 12

Beet Salad

Plato Dale Farms roasted beets, Bucolo Farms potato aioli, Prudom Farms crisp apple, Arden Farms carrot top pesto 14


housemade farfalle pasta, fennel and cherry tomatoes, parmigiano-reggiano 12


Katama Bay, Martha’s Vineyard 13

Shiny Sea, PEI 13


bay scallops, house cured T-Meadow Farm fiocco, 

pickled Plato Dale Farms tomatillos, Arden Farms russian kale 14



Pork Ragu

braised T-Meadow Farms pork shoulder, housemade cavatelli pasta, parmigiano-reggiano 24

Chicken & Dumplings

house smoked chicken, crispy chicken thighs, Arden Farms carrot confit, dumplings 26

Beef Stroganoff

housemade egg noodles, roasted cremini mushrooms, red wine braised sirloin steak 28

Farmers Cassoulet

duck confit, adzuki beans, Arden Farms goat toulouse sausage, Stillwater Farms lamb pancetta, Schwab’s Farm tomatoes, bread crumbs 27

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