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Cravings 2.10.17

Chef’s Daily Crāvings

-Small Plates-

Veal “Odd Bits” Mixed Grill

Braised Plato Dale cabbage, white beans, sweetbreads, kidney, hanger steak, braised heart, tongue 12

Jowl Bacon Tartine

House smoked bacon, house brioche,

tomato jam, onion aioli 14

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

house made gnocchi,

Plato Dale kabocha squash brodo 13

Liver & Onions

Erba Verde calf’s liver, house cured lardo, roasted onions, potato & Plato Dale buttercup squash hash 12

Veal Skirt Steak

Erba Verde veal skirt steak, house pita,

pickled vegetables, creamy feta 16

Squash Ravioli

Buttercup squash, sweet potato brodo,

caramelized onion oats 14

Beet “Steak” Salad

Plato Dale roasted beet “steak”, radicchio reduction,

vermouth roasted Wilson Street Farms carrots,

Erba Verde chicken schmaltz crostini 14


Mushroom, goat cheese,

roasted red peppers, eggplant, baby arugula 14

Fish Plate

House smoked salmon, fried oysters,

creamed Plato Dale kabocha squash 13


Chicken & Dumplings

Braised Erba Verde chicken, root vegetables,

cream sauce, chicken dumplings 23


T-Meadow Farms pork ragu, house ricotta,

house made fettucine pasta 24

Veal Chop

Porcini crusted Erba Verde veal chop,

porcini mushroom potato croquettes 29

Pork Rib Chop

T-Meadow Farms pork rib chop,

mustard thyme spaetzle, wine braised cabbage 28

Erba Verde Chicken Breast

Erba Verde chicken breast, peperonada with Plato Dale San Marzano tomatoes & sweet peppers, house orchiette pasta, smoked parmesan reggiano 25

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