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Cravings 3.31.17

Chef’s Daily Crāvings

-Small Plates-

Curare Tutti

House made pansotti stuffed with braised

T-Meadow Farms pork &

Erba Verde veal, black pepper brodo 14


Blue corn crusted crispy fried

kidney & offal dumplings 13


T-Meadow pork meatballs, pork jus,

smoked asiago 15


House milled blue Chautauqua County toasted corn bread, house T-Meadow bacon,

pickled vegetables & baby greens 15


Erba Verde chopped steak, whipped beef tallow, poached egg yolk, house brioche 14

Turkey Wing Confit

Crispy fried Erba Verde turkey wings, pickled celery & carrots, sweet & spicy romesco 14

Fish Plate

House smoked salmon, marinated shrimp,

Plato Dale kabocha squash puree 14

Stuffed Veal

Erba Verde veal cutlets,

house ricotta, marinated eggplant,

tomato vinaigrette 15


Salmon Ravioli

House made salmon ravioli,

shellfish cream sauce 26

Veal Meatloaf

Erba Verde veal meatloaf, braised cabbage,

Plato Dale kabocha squash risotto 26

Steak Frite

Erba Verde grass-fed

16 oz bone-in strip steak, butchered in house,

beef tallow fried potato wedges 40

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