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Cravings 5-30-14

This weeks featured items are
baby potatoes, rhubarb, hickory nuts, asparagus,
and spring onions from
Winter Farms, T-meadow Farms & Schwab’s Farm


Chef’s Charcuterie Board
(all charcuterie made in house with local T-Meadow Farms pork)
lap cheong, guanciale, coppa, speck, smoked ham, pickled vegetables,
spring onion salsa verde, house focaccia 16

Potato Gnocchi
house pancetta, asparagus cream, shaved asparagus 13

Roasted Asparagus
fresh ricotta, olive oil, toasted hickory nuts 12

Asparagus & Spring Onion Salad
asparagus tips, slow roasted spring onions, salt baked potatoes, arugula,
mustard vinaigrette 13

Bone Marrow
candied pine nut gremolata, spring onion salsa verde 12

mushroom broth, spring onion greens, house focaccia 16


mustard cream, roasted potato, spring onion 26

housemade capellini, spring onion greens, spring onion “cream” 22

lamb rack, spring onions, roasted asparagus, flageolet beans, rhubarb yoghurt sauce 29

Soft Shell Crab
spring onion greens, shaved asparagus, pomme frites, crab emulsion 25

cherry tomatoes, house cheese, spring onion pesto 22

Cravings 5-30-14

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