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Cravings 6-13-14

This weeks featured local producers
are T-Meadow Farms, Flat #12 Mushrooms, WInter Farms & Alleyway Gardens


Chef’s Charcuterie Board
all charcuterie produced in-house with T-Meadow Farms Heritage Breed Pork
crespone, guanciale, speck, smoked ham, coppa, olive oil marinated Flat #12 mushrooms,
pickled vegetables, house focaccia 16

Pork Meatballs
T-Meadow pork meatballs, housemade ricotta, natural jus 9

coffee-rubbed T-Meadow Farms bone-in pork belly, cheddar mash, chorizo oil 12

Bone Marrow
Flat #12 mushroom duxelle, house focaccia 12

Duck Wontons
fried duck wontons, roasted oyster mushrooms, chive blossoms, mushroom jus 9

Bread Salad
Alleyway cherry tomatoes, pickled green tomatoes, spinach pesto,
housemade bleu cheese, frisee 8

Roasted Salad
carrots, eggplant, fried spinach, arugula, roasted peanuts, spicy maple vinaigrette 8

Fried Flat #12 Mushrooms
garlic aioli 8


tomato, spinach, zucchini, squash, white wine 23

housemade cavatelli, natural jus, Flat #12 oyster mushrooms 24

spring onion pasta, Flat #12 oyster mushrooms, bone marrow cream 24

Pork Brochette
citrus couscous, asparagus coins, roasted oyster mushrooms 25

T-Meadow Center Pork Loin
tarragon mashed potatoes, asparagus 26

saffron rice, butifarra dulce, butiffara d’Ou, asparagus vinaigrette 26

cravings 6-13-14

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