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Cravings 6-20-14

This weeks featured local producers
are T-Meadow Farms, Flat #12 Mushrooms, Winter Farms & Alleyway Gardens


Red Salad
lola rossa, red bibb, pickled red onions, pickled rhubarb, strawberries,
black pepper vinaigrette 9

Glacier Point Oysters
on the half shell, lemon gastrique 16

black rice, mustard greens, Alleyway tomatoes, remoulade 13

Peas & Carrots
fresh peas, risotto, carrot vinaigrette 8

farmer’s market strawberries, creamy house ricotta, arugula, honey 8.5


duck leg confit, lola rossa, red bibb, arugula, 7 minute egg 24

housemade pasta, spring onion pesto, Alleyway tomatoes, house ricotta 23

housemade spring onion pasta, Flat #12 oyster mushrooms,
beet greens, bone marrow cream 24

housemade pasta, house cured bacon, rosemary, garlic scapes 22

Chicken & Rice
lightly smoked chicken thighs, garlic scapes, local snap peas,
saffron rice, spring garlic greens 23

cravings 6-20-14

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