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Cravings 7-19-14

This Weeks Local Producers:
Flat #12, Alleyway Gardens, Thorpe’s, Arden, Winter, Schwab’s, Painted Meadow,
Librock Farms, First Light Creamery
(all pork is heritage breed from T-Meadow Farms)


Pear Salad
sliced pears, red onion, walnuts, bleu cheese, poppy seed, nasturtium, arugula,
amaranth, olive oil, lime juice 11

roasted tomato, fresh herb, turkey egg, bibb lettuce, crespone, house focaccia 11

Olive Loaf
thinly sliced housemade olive loaf, crimini mushrooms, radishes, tomatoes, spinach 10

pork skirt, mushroom risotto, roasted baby carrots, peas, amaranth pesto 14

Librock Beef Tostada
black beans, house tortilla, pickled red onions, house cheese, speckled lettuce 12

housemade orecchiette pasta, garlic, butter, fresh cracked black pepper,
parmigiano-reggiano 14

pork jus, First Light Creamery goat cheese 12


Smoked Cornish Game Hen
carmelized onions, new potatoes, grilled zucchini and squash, smoked jus 27

housemade fettuccini pasta, duck egg, house cured guanciale, parmigiano-reggiano 23

Center Loin
bacon wrapped pork center loin, spinach, mashed potatoes 26

housemade capellini pasta, yellow tomato ragu, Alleyway cherry tomatoes, carrot pesto, parmigiano-reggiano 22

Pork Belly
bone-in pork belly, stir fry rice, maple soy sauce 26

housemade farfalle pasta, house sausage, fennel, garlic, butter,
parmigiano-reggiano, preserved orange 23

fried coppa de testa, scallops, frisee, cherry gastrique 20

Cravings 7-19-14

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