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Cravings 9-17-14


Roasted Vegetables
Arden Farms roasted baby carrots, Schwab Farms roasted peppers, Arden Farms butter braised turnips, turnip greens & honey pesto, Bucolo Farms sea salt baked potatoes 13

Baby Heirloom Tomato Salad
Plato Dale Farm tomatoes, roasted garlic & lemon vinaigrette,
beet green puree, blooming opal basil 13

Baby Lettuce
baby head lettuce, house cured T-Meadow Farm coppa, Arden Farms gooseberries,
Painted Meadow fried hen egg 12

Stone Fruit Salad
house ricotta, Schwab Farms plums & nectarines, baby arugula 13

Arden Farms gooseberry mostarda, pickled swiss chard stems, endive 14

Musk Melon
Schwab Farms melon, house cured T-Meadow Farm lonza, balsamic drizzle 11

housemade capellini pasta, slow cooked Schwab Farms sweet peppers,
house cured T-Meadow tesa, house ricotta 24

housemade fettuccine pasta, house cured T-Meadow guanciale,
Painted Meadow duck egg 23

housemade pappardelle pasta, house cured bacon, roasted tomatoes,
Plato Dale turnip greens, cream, rosemary, parmigiano-reggiano 21

Chicken & Dumplings
gouda and rosemary dumpling, smoked braised chicken, carrots, zucchini, 
rich pork and chicken broth 18

cravings 9-17-14

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