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Cravings 9-26-14


Charcuterie Board
(all housemade with T-Meadow Farms heritage breed pork)
coppa, tesa, lonza, crespone, crespone, picante, finocchiona,
Plato Dale Farms radish salad & housemade cornichon, house focaccia 16

house focaccia, T-Meadow Farms pork liver pâté,
Painted Meadow Farms quail eggs, Arden Farms rainbow radish 10

Pork Tostada
housemade tortilla, Plato Dale Farms tomatillo salsa verde,
T-Meadow Farms pork skirt steak, pickled red onions, cilantro 14

Warm Tomato Salad
blistered Plato Dale Farms vine ripened tomatoes &
roasted baby onions, beet green pesto, garlic croutons 14

Potato Salad
Arden Farms fingerling, purple, and chef’s potatoes, T-Meadow Farms house smoked bacon, Plato Dale Farms charred sweet white onions & celery leaves & baby greens 12

Beet Salad
roasted Plato Dale Farms golden beets & baby greens, Arden Farms raw candy cane beets & roasted beets, pecan yoghurt sauce, Erdle Farms mars grapes 14

Stone Fruit Salad
Schwab Farms peaches, nectarines, plums, house ricotta,
Plato Dale Farms baby greens 14

Roasted Cauliflower
roasted Bucolo Farms cauliflower puree & pickled cherry peppers, Plato Dale Farms kohlrabi, Erdle Farms thomcord & somerset grapes, Schwab Farms apples, house pita 13


housemade fettuccine pasta, house cured T-Meadow Farms guanciale,
Painted Meadow Farms hen egg, parmigiano-reggiano 23

housemade cavatelli pasta, Arden Farms purple russian kale, brown butter cream 22

housemade capellini pasta, spiced Bucolo Farms butternut squash, hickory nut cream 21

Egg Noodles
housemade noodles, Plato Dale Farms cabbage & celery leaf salad, poached Painted Meadow Farms duck egg, Arden Farms purple basil, roasted T-Meadow Farms pork broth 20

cravings 9-26-14

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