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Daily Cravings 9.10.16

Chef’s Daily Cravings

-Small Plates-

Market Salad

Plato Dale baby lettuce and pickled green tomatoes, house pickled radishes, yellow tomato vinaigrette 14

Turkey “Oysters”

Turkey gizzard dirty rice, Erba Verde braised turkey oysters, Plato Dale bekena, turkey jus 14

Turkey Tartine

  House made brioche, Erba Verde turkey liver pate, Plato Dale baby lettuce, house pickled sweet peppers and Walla Walla onions, cornflake crusted turkey hearts 9


Housemade T-meadow Farms liverwurst, sourdough, Schwab Farms dill pickles, whole grain mustard,  pickled Plato Dale Walla Walla onions 13

Fried Turkey Wings

Erba Verde turkey wings confit, Plato Dale Adirondack red potatoes mousseline 13

Duck Breast

House smoked duck, barley risotto, Niagara mushroom and pear salad, raspberry balsamic vinaigrette 14

Beet Salad

Medley of Plato Dale roasted beets, house cured lardo, Plato Dale mizuna, beet vinaigrette 14

Orecchiette Pasta

Niagara county yellow oyster mushrooms, Stillwater Farms lamb bacon, Plato Dale tatsoi and baby tomatoes 14

Duck Pizza

Plato Dale tomatoes, arugula. house smoked

duck breast, shaved fennel 15

Veal Brisket

Belgium endive, smoked Erba Verde veal brisket, Plato Dale fingerling potatoes and mizuna 14

Fried Green Tomatoes

House whipped ricotta, Plato Dale herbed pistou 13

House Made Pita

Whipped feta, Plato Dale oregano and

blistered baby tomatoes 8


Veal Chop

Erba Verde veal chop, Fleckenstein Farms yellow string beans, Plato Dale mizuna 30


House made pasta, Plato Dale baby tomatoes, kale, Schwab Farms corn cream 26

Pork Rib Chop

T-meadow Farms pork rib chop, Plato Dale fingerling potato coins, Niagara county crimini and oyster mushrooms, Ground Works amaranth, basil pistou 28

Smoked Veal Ribs

Erba Verde smoked veal ribs, Plato Dale montezuma beans and arugula 28

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